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Eco friendly wood working made with compassion for mother nature

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Hi I’m Nico,

owner and operator of


What started out as a high school hobby blossomed into a passion and career during the pandemic.

Much like the rest of the world I found myself bored at home with too much time on my hands and so I began creating. I started out with basic dad projects like montessori beds and pickler ladders for my kids, then my partner had me create all of these intricate yet beautiful shelves around the house, and now I make anything my heart (or yours) desires.

With the current earth crisis it was important to my family and I that we do our part in helping the planet, now as you can see being a woodworker that can be tricky. However, I discovered FSC wood and it allows me to use sustainably sourced wood for larger scale projects. For smaller scale projects, I actually forage the wood myself from fallen trees around my property, which

I think is pretty cool.


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“We had the pleasure of working with Runeik to build a custom greenhouse, and we are thrilled with the results! His craftsmanship is exceptional, evident in the attention to detail and high-quality materials used.

From start to finish, their professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction were outstanding. Our greenhouse is not only functional but also a beautiful architectural masterpiece. The team delivered on time and created a serene oasis in our backyard.

We highly recommend Nico for his talent and passion for woodworking.

Thank you for an outstanding job!”

- Tiffany, Hype Girl Boudoir/ Whisper Photo Co.

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Based in northern California